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KOLKATA: Construction materials that are being dumped on the roadside in several places across New Town are not only eating into road space but also creating air pollution. The residents of street No. 622 in Action Area II of the township raised the matter in a WhatsApp group recently, complaining that the construction materials have been lying on the roadside for a long time.

“Several buildings are coming up in the township and the construction materials that are being piled up here and there not only narrow the road space but also put the pedestrians and motorists at the risk of an accident. Besides, these debris and other construction materials are also polluting the air.

We have informed the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) officials and the contractors of these underconstruction buildings about the matter repeatedly, but with no results,” said a resident, who did not wish to be named.

The residents alleged that the construction materials, which are also choking the drains and gully pits, triggered waterlogging in several pockets of the township during heavy rain before Puja this year.

“The dumping of construction materials is a big problem throughout New Town. The matter has been informed to the authorities concerned. Either they have to stop the construction work or take a stern action against those who are causing the problem,” said Samaresh Das, chairperson of New Town Forum and News (NTFN), an umbrella organization of resident forums in New Town.

“This is along pending issue and we had previously brought the matter to the notice of the authorities for a remedy,” said New Town Citizens Welfare Fraternity secretary, Samir Gupta.

“The dust particles can affect those having dust allergy. Those, who have asthma or other allergies, should take necessary precautions like wearing mask or covering their nose with handkerchief,” said a consulting physician, Shankha Subhra Chaudhuri.

The NKDA authorities said that there is a standing instruction not to scatter construction materials on the roads. “We will send notices to the contractors, asking them to remove the debris or we will impose fine on the offenders,” said a NKDA official.

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