HYDERABAD: With the demand for electric vehicles (EV) slated to pick up over the next few years, gated communities and residential apartments in the western corridor of the city are all charged up about providing the necessary EV charging infrastructure to residents who own EVs.

In a bid to boost EV sales and bring down the city’s carbon footprint, the Telangana government had rolled out the Telangana Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy, 2020-2030, in October last year.

Telangana already has about 20 electric vehicle manufacturers including two wheelers, three wheelers, retrofits and bus makers.

A year after the official launch of the policy, many gated communities and residential apartments have already begun putting in place the requisite EV infrastructure or are in the process of devising a plan to do so.

Especially with the prices of petrol and diesel zooming past the Rs 100 mark, sending many residents scurrying to make the switch to EVs that will be lighter on the pocket in the long run.

“Considering the petrol prices have already crossed Rs 100 mark and are rising by the day, investing in an electric vehicle only made sense to me as my job requires me to travel to the IT corridor on a daily basis,” said Vidya Krishnan who works for an engine equipment manufacturing company.

Gated communities such as My Home Bhooja and My Home Avatar have taken the lead to set up EV charging stations within their community. “Four months back, we installed two EV stations within the premises. These enable charging of four cars at a time. We offer charging at a cost of Rs 6.50 per unit and there is a separate prepaid meter for these stations. Depending on the demand for these charging stations, we would expand it in future,” said M Sachindra, vice-president of My Home Bhooja at Madhapur.
Hyderabad: Housing societies make dash to set up EV charging infrastructureWhile the government is set to call bids for 140 EV charging stations across the state including Hyderabad, several residential apartments are setting up an in-house charging equipment. “Since people have started buying EVs, we wanted something that is easy and immediate without any overheads. To set up a common charging station within the community, we would have needed a huge infrastructure, space and funds. As an interim move, we are providing power outlets at the respective parking lots where those with EVs can fix an electric meter and charge their vehicles,” said Rajagopal Marripalli, general secretary at Nagarjuna Residency, Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli.

To encourage more people to take up EVs, the Telangana government is making efforts to establish EV charging stations at IT parks for at least 20% of the parking capacity.

A three-day EV Trade Expo scheduled to be held in the city later this month is expected to provide a platform to members from residential welfare communities to connect with the EV ecosystem stakeholders.

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