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GURUGRAM: MCG is planning development across its unutilised land in new sectors and areas recently added to its jurisdiction. Officials said the commissioner has directed the corporation’s planning and revenue departments to first identify the civic body’s land coming under its jurisdiction, demarcate it, put ownership boards and then remove encroachments, if any.

“And once the process is complete, we will draft an area-wise plan to build public infrastructure on the land. This is the preliminary phase of the exercise,” a senior MCG official told TOI. “For example, if a new sector or village needs a community centre or a school, we will draft a plan to make this infrastructure on the MCG land available in that area. We can always look for ways to utilise the MCG land to augment our revenue generation,” he added.

The Haryana government, on December 29, notified expansion of MCG limits by bringing 16 villages under the civic body.

The revenue estates of Bajghera, Babupur, Mohammadheri, Dharampur, Daultabad, Kherki Majra, Dhankot, Palra, Ullawas, Nangli Umarpur, Behrampur, Dhumaspur, Bhondsi, Nayagaon, Kadarpur and Maidawas villages were merged with the MCG.

With the expansion of MCG’s limit, the fixed deposits of these villages, to the tune of Rs 181 crore, were also transferred to the civic body. Moreover, Rs 35.45 crore of stamp duty from 16 villages was collected in 2018-19 and Rs 41.32 crore was collected in the 2019-20 fiscal.

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