BENGALURU: Persistent land woes and change in housing policy have forced the government to reduce construction of houses by 20% under the chief minister’s one lakh housing scheme.

The 2017 scheme was floated in a new avatar after Yediyurappa took charge in 2019 with an eye to woo urban voters ahead of BBMP polls. Senior government officials told TOI the scheme ran into rough weather after the government decided to change the policy from S (stilt)+14 to G (ground)+3.

“Citing that people for whom houses were to be constructed may be ill-equipped financially to cover maintenance of lifts and the building as such, the policy was revised. This has effectively meant that we need more land for the project in a city with none to spare,” said an official.

Housing minister V Somanna said the scope of the project has been limited due to non-availability of land. “Our aim is to construct 80,000 houses which we hope to complete by November 2022,” he said, hinting at the government planning to finish the project before the 2023 general elections.

According to him, the biggest issue with the project was that the Congress and coalition governments between 2017-2019 took into consideration vacant quarry lands to construct houses. “Now, these lands are unstable for construction and have become a big liability for the state. Hence, we had to look for alternative land,” he said.
Karnataka CM's ambitious one lakh housing scheme runs into land hurdleThe housing department was then provided with 515 acres of BDA-recovered properties and is to get an additional 165 acres to build 80,000 houses. The lands which have been identified are in far-flung locations, though within Bengaluru Urban district, adjacent BDA layouts and adjoining Kempegowda Layout and Anekal.

46,000 houses in progress

The scheme will now see 48,000 houses being constructed in the S+14 format and the remaining 30,000 in the G+3 categody. At present, 46,000 houses are under progress and 13,000 will be sanctioned later this month.

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