Vacancy at office space portfolio of country’s biggest real estate developer, DLF ltd has jumped from 1.3 million sq. ft. in Q4 20 to 3.7 million sq ft in Q4 21, signalling continuing impact of pandemic on commercial real estate business.

With over 10 million sq. ft. of operational space, DLF Cyber City in Gurugram, which houses some of the biggest IT and Fortune 500 companies, has been impacted the most with vacancy levels going up from 1% to 15% in a year.

An analysis of investors’ presentations of the company for the last eight quarters, revealed that at the end of March 2020, Cyber City had 1.4 lakh sq ft vacant.

The vacancy increased to 3 lakh sq ft in June 2020, 5 lakh sq ft in September 2020, 10 lakh sq ft in December 2020 and 15 lakh sq ft in March 2021, reflecting a trend of tenants leaving the property.

Of the total vacancy, 8 lakh sq ft is vacant at Silokhera SEZ, in Gurgaon, for the past few years due to a legal issue. Silokhera’s share in total vacancy of the company was over 50%, but it reduced to less than 25% as share of Cyber City increased substantially.

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