GURUGRAM: At a time when depleting underground water is a major concern in the city, residents of Suncity are struggling to get four rainwater harvesting pits (RWH) operational since last one year.

The residents complained that the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) had initiated the construction of four RWH pits in the colony in September 2019, but the contractor left the work mid-way which is causing a lot inconvenience for them. They alleged that several complaints have been made to the concerned officials, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Kusum Sharma, a member of the RWA said, “The contractor has left the work unfinished and since then we are trying to get this completed. Two half constructed RWH pits are in the greenbelt area and the rest is in two parks of the colony. This is really sad that on one hand the administration is creating awareness of the RWH and spreading the word to conserve water but on the other hand the reality is very much different. We are wasting precious rain water around 10 lakh litres.”

MCG took over Suncity Township in April 2019. The residents complained that the huge dug pits are left open which could pose serious risk to their safety, especially children playing in the park. Besides, the stagnated water in the pits has also become a breeding ground of mosquitoes, the residents said.

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