DEHRADUN: Replicating their self-isolation model followed during the coronavirus-induced lockdown last year, the residential associations in Dehradun have yet again banned the entry of outsiders, including domestic workers, in the society premises.

The decision, jointly taken by all the housing associations under the Dehradun Residents Welfare Front (DRWF), has been taken to contain further spread of Covid-19 infections.

“We have asked the people to grant leaves to their domestic workers but not cut their salaries. This way they won’t be affected financially. Also, this reduces the risk of transmission of the virus,” said Mahesh Bhandari, president, DRWF.

The RWA officials in the Race Course area have made it mandatory for residents to wear masks while moving around in the society premises. Those who own houses in these societies have been urged to not host any guests till the situation gets better. Further, all delivery transactions take place at the society gate and the commodities are collected only after proper sanitisation.

Further, several residents are coming forward to help their Covid-infected neighbours and their families with medicines and home-cooked meals.

β€œThe prevailing situation is grim and there is a shortage of medical oxygen and beds at several facilities. In such conditions, self-regulation is crucial. Besides, we keep a tab on people who test positive for Covid-19 and make an attempt to ensure that others don’t catch the virus from them,” added Bhandari.

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