NOIDA: Around 6,000 flats at Jaypee Wish Town will be delivered to buyers by 2022. Some of these will be freshly constructed, others are complete but have pending work like fittings left to be done before the keys can be handed over, according to resolution professional Anuj Jain.

Jain told TOI, “We initially had 28,000 flats to complete. Of these, we have already delivered 8,500 and now are left with 19,500 flats for completion. Of the 8,500 flats that have been delivered, some still have finishing work left to be done, which includes floorings and fittings. So, we will complete those and also finish constructing some others and together, have set a target of handing over around 6,000 by 2022.”

The number of flats pending for completion has been reflected at 20,000 in the Supreme Court data, while earlier estimates by state-run NBCC had shown around 17,500 flats due for construction at Wish Town. The resolution professional has now updated the number of incomplete flats to 19,500. “If our work had not stopped last year, we would have completed at least 4,000 flats by now,” Jain said.

Meanwhile Suraksha and NBCC, the two resolution applicants in the JIL resolution case, have presented their proposals to the committee of creditors (COC). The lenders have responded to the fresh proposals and asked the bidders to come forth with better ‘land parcel’ offers for debt settlement. On April 17, both parties sought a week’s time to come forth with yet another revised proposal.

Meanwhile, construction work has picked up at the Wish Town site, with labourers being currently mobilised. “We have started mobilising workers at the site since last week,” Jain added.

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