JAIPUR: State government has decided to appoint town planners in every UIT and urban body of the state. For this process, 43 posts of assistant town planner are sanctioned and a creation of town planning cell in all urban local bodies of the state is approved, in which more than 200 posts of this cadre are sanctioned.

The various posts include assistant town planners, junior town planners, draftsman, that are sanctioned and approval has been given for new posts to be recruited and posted soon in all urban local bodies.

Another important decision includes the concept of ‘Nagar Mitra’ to be introduced for the first time for all the cities in the state. In this concept, technically qualified professionals and agencies will be registered as ‘Nagar Mitra’ who will provide technical assistance to the citizens in all the matters of permissions like patta, building plan, site plan, sub division/ reconstitution, regularization and various other municipal permissions on a government prescribed fee.

A senior town planner said that the relevance of urban bodies has increased and the focus on planned towns/cities has caught government’s eye. Hence, these posts are created to have a systematic development in the city. The decision was approved by chief minister Ashok Gehlot and UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal recently.

These professionals will also provide technical support to urban bodies on a normal fee. Cities will have number of such ‘Nagar Mitras’ registered, depending on the requirement of the city. These personnel will have technical qualification like architects, engineers, urban planners etc. including post graduates/graduate/diploma/ ITI etc. as prescribed by the government.

This new concept of ‘Nagar Mitra’ will create employment opportunities for more than 2,500 professionals to be registered for 213 urban bodies, including authorities and UITs.

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