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JAIPUR: The guest house policy for urban areas cleared by state Cabinet on Wednesday allows existing paying guest houses offering between six and 20 rooms to be covered under the policy. But the policy has stipulated that the residential plot should be located on a road having 30 feet width and the size should be 167 square metre or more.

Despite their location being in residential areas, they are likely to pay commercial rates for water and electricity consumption even though the policy does not mention about it, said an official in the tourist department.

As per the policy, the guest house units need to possess fire safety and FSSAI licenses and have to submit building plan of the residence prepared by an architect.

In the 20 rooms, excluding the three rooms where the family can stay for the look after the guests, not more than 40 beds would be allowed. The size of each room needs to be 120 square feet or above.

The guest houses will be classified under two categories – A and B – factoring in facilities like AC, western toilets, refrigerator and branding etc. The registration fees will be Rs 5,000, and Rs 3,000 for categories A and B, respectively.

The policy was introduced in compliance to the provision in Tourism Policy, 2020. The PG scheme up to five rooms in residential houses is already in place in the state. But at several occasions, the stakeholders have raised the issue of non-viability to run PG houses up to five rooms professionally as they have to pay electricity, water and other charges on commercial rates. Moreover, many PG houses after obtaining approval from tourism department add more rooms to make it viable but do not disclose the same.

The guest house scheme will allow the residential house owners or lessee to offer professional services and also ensure that the guests stay with an Indian family. Under this scheme a lessee can also run a residential house provided the family of the lessee stays in the premises.

The scheme is aimed at increasing the availability of affordable accommodation, raise the inventory of rooms, provide experience to stay with a family and put to use the huge investment in residential properties.

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