NOIDA: A group of nine developers, which has been unable to execute tripartite sub-lease deeds of their group housing projects in Sector 79, on Tuesday submitted its proposal to the Noida Authority for developing amenities in the Sports City.

These developers established Sports City Development Private Limited, a consortium, last month after holding several rounds of meetings with senior Authority officials.

TOI has learnt that the consortium has offered to develop a golf course, a cricket stadium, playfields, a swimming centre and tennis courts in the sector. They will pool in money as per the proportion of their plots and the layout of the Sports City that was finalised by the Authority in 2011.

In October 2011, the Authority handed over about 180 acres in Sector 79 to the now beleaguered 3C group. Sports amenities worth Rs 410 crore had to be developed and 70% of the land was to be left open to develop sports facilities.

3C sub-leased the plot to developers over the years, who established about a dozen projects with an inventory of 11,000 units. Among them, 5,500 are complete or at various stages of construction. But the Authority has refused to issue completion certificates as the sports facilities have remained undeveloped.

“We submitted our proposal to the CEO of Noida Authority on Tuesday. A meeting with senior officials has been scheduled later this week for further discussion,” said Subodh Goel, MD of the Civitech group, who’s leading the negotiations.

The consortium has not mentioned the budget. “The Authority will decide how many facilities are needed out of the ones proposed originally and their sizes. What standards are to be provided to users can be decided by experts and only then we can get the estimated cost,” he added.

Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said “the proposal is being reviewed” by the team concerned.

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