JAIPUR: The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) on Tuesday decided to issue freehold lease to the plot owners who will deposit 10-year lease amount collectively.

The landholders who have taken the lease deed (patta) from the JDA after depositing one-time lease amount of eight years will be contacted by the JDA. “The JDA will offer these owners to procure the freehold lease after depositing additional two years’ lease money. The amount for remaining two years can be deposited online,” said a source.

The JDA has also decided to develop an online system for accepting the application and issuing freehold lease. Explaining the freehold lease concept, an official said, “At present, an owner can claim a right on a residential property only for 99 years. In current scenario, the state government levies eight times of the lease money, payable one time to grant 99 years’ lease on residential properties. Once the one-time lease money is deposited, the allottee receives a certificate from the department. For the freehold lease, the department charges increased lease money amount by 10 times from the normal eight times.”

The freehold lease system was introduced in the state three years ago. However, not many plot owners have subscribed to the offer as it looked infeasible. An official source said, “The owners can forward to full ownership rights. However, majority of the plot owners have paid lease money for eight years. Even, the time period of old plot owners expires, they pay eight years’ lease hold, which gives them 99 years’ right.”

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