NEW DELHI: If you wish to install rooftop solar panels but are reluctant to do so to save terrace space for other activities, there is a change in norms that may prove to be helpful.

Senior municipal officials say that the building regulations have been eased for encouraging solar power adoption in the city. “While earlier, the unified building bylaws mandated a 2-metre maximum height limit for mounting solar panels from the terrace level, the new regulations state that solar panels can now be installed at any height or level in the building. These can also be set up at ground level, in open areas or on rooftops,” a senior SDMC official explained.

The relaxations aim at addressing the concerns of residents who do not adopt solar power because of the space covered by the panels. The modified regulations allow “solar panels at any height or level, including ground level, terrace and rooftop, subject to the maximum height permitted by AAI and clearance from Delhi Fire Services.”

A senior building department official said that the relaxations will encourage residents to set up solar panels. “Panels are installed in slanted fashion and there used to be no space between the panels rendering the terrace unusable due to being covered. Now, people can install the panels at a height of 3-4 metres, which will allow the space below them to be used for walking, storage and other purposes. It becomes a double utility space with shade,” the official added.

This height will also be exempted from the height regulations. “The residents will, however, need to adhere to Airport Authority of India height limits in various zones,” the official clarified.

The bylaws have been amended and notified by Delhi Development Authority.

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